Pump Stations

Design, Sales, Installation, Service of Motor Controls (MCI), Watertronics, and Xylem-Flowtronex Pumping Stations
An irrigation pump station is a major investment for any facility. Selecting the right equipment for your site, installing it properly, and maintaining it requires knowledge and capabilities which usually lie beyond the realm of experience of turf grass managers. More and more customers are taking the advice of people like us, who live and breathe equipment, repairs, and maintenance. We believe in spending less on gadgets, and more on basic features which enhance the longevity of their pump stations. The added cost to up-size a VFD, add a mid-size jockey pump to complement the output of a pair of 75 HP pumps, or take some additional anti-corrosion measures, can add years to the life of specific components and increase overall system reliability.
ProPump and Controls, Inc. maintains excellent relations with the three leading manufacturers in the industry. Our experiences with each company’s product lines allows us to provide independent guidance in selecting the best product for your application. If your organization requires competitive bids for large purchases, we level the playing field for you by requesting proposals from all bidders based on a single set of specifications defining your needs. We verify that each bid complies with the bid request, insisting that bidders correct any deficiencies before submitting them for your review. We highlight on each bid any value-added items which go above-and-beyond the base bid, as well as point out areas where a bidder’s best offering falls just short of the mark. You are relieved of having to sort through confusing sales terminology and pitches for proprietary gimmicks, and you can be confident that the bids you are comparing are truly “apples-to-apples.”
Motor Controls, Inc. (MCI)
Motor Controls is a privately held firm in Dallas, Texas, which entered the irrigation pump station business in 2014. MCI’s core business for years has been custom panel building for all types of industrial customers. The company’s Dallas operation is an impressive operation with state-of-the-art fabrication facilities for building panels and enclosures of all sizes, shapes, and materials--stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel. MCI entered the pump station business after hiring a number of former experienced Flowtronex employees, so there is no shortage of expertise in the operation. MCI broke into the market by aggressively raising the bar on the competition, including in their standard stations premium features such as: fusion-bonded epoxy coating on internal wetted surfaces; stainless steel pipe, valves, and fittings on pipe and connections 2” and under; Allen Bradley control equipment; free first year cell phone monitoring package; and a 6 year warranty on their Danfoss variable speed drives. Their competitors had no choice but to follow suit, which has been a gift to the industry. MCI’s customer service is friendly and responsive—ProPump field technicians have been on the phone with their in-house techs at all hours, night and day, working to resolve customer issues.
Based in Hartland, Wisconsin, Watertronics began as a regional supplier in the Midwest over 30 years ago, and quickly became known for their prowess in building landscape pumping systems, referred to by many as “pump in a box.” They have steadily expanded across the country and into overseas markets by providing innovative solutions and high quality products. Watertronics was purchased by Lindsay Corporation, a major player in agricultural irrigation, in 2008. From all appearances the acquisition has been a good one for both entities, as it opened up the agricultural market to Watertronics on a global basis. Watertronics does an excellent job with specifications, which makes them a favorite of irrigation consultants and engineers, and in particular has allowed them to dominate the relatively new rainwater harvesting market. Watertronics is the only manufacturer of the “Big 3” in the turf market to flow test every station before it leaves their factory, which practically eliminates costly and time consuming field repairs. Watertronics manufactures in a continually expanding, state- of- the- art facility. run by management who have spent their careers in the business. Watertronics excellent and very well staffed customer service department is second to none in providing assistance to field technicians and customers.
Xylem Flowtonex has been a leading manufacturer of prefabricated irrigation pumping systems, beginning with the founding in 1974 of Pumping Systems, Inc. After its acquisition by Flowtronex International in 1994, the newly created Flowtonex PSI at one time held as much as 60% of the market share in the prefabricated irrigation pump station business. Flowtronex PSI was acquired by ITT Corporation in 2002. ITT Corporation later broke up and Flowtronex landed in the spin-off company Xylem, along with such widely known brand names as Flygt, Goulds, and Wedeco. The ITT / Xylem acquisition of Flowtronex hasn’t met with the success of the Lindsay - Watertronics acquisition. Flowtronex sales have dropped in recent years as a result of employee turn-over and cost-cutting measures, especially in sales and marketing. That being said, Xylem knows how to manufacture efficiently, and the buying power of a large corporation is a plus. Flowtronex continues to build well-engineered, solid products. Their “per-engineered” SSE stations are sold at price points that the competition struggles to match. One advantage for Flowtronex is their access to the broad and very efficient line of Goulds vertical turbine pumps. Although Flowtronex customer service isn’t nearly as responsive as its competitors, Flowtronex has always stood behind its products. The huge installed base of Flowtronex equipment supports dozens of Flowtronex trained service techs, so customers can be assured that service will readily available for years to come.