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ProPump & Controls operates across much of the eastern United States and the Caribbean. We design, build, install, and service the systems we sell, with the goal of making every customer a customer for life.

Our management team and technicians have a combined 400 years+ of experience with water pumping systems and pump controls.  We serve a variety of markets, including municipal, golf, sports turf, agricultural, industrial, and the fast growing biogas industry.

The Osprey Pump Controller & RetroBoard

Great Value – Universal Replacement – Quick Install

  • User friendly system navigation allows quick and easy access to all critical pump station information with no password protection unless requested by the customer
  • Easy to understand control terminology allows any qualified pump technician the ability to make basic changes without support
  • Similar control and navigation platform compared to one of the most recognized golf pump station control systems for the last twenty years make it familiar to established golf service groups nationwide
  • Reliable push button navigation and LCD information screen allows the use of all existing control panel door switches to eliminate the common problems associated with touchscreens
  • Very low cost compared to similar systems that offer the same level of control
  • Global system configuration possibilities allow it to be adapted to virtually any PLC or relay logic controlled pump stations being used in the industrial, municipal, agricultural and golf markets that operate variable or fixed speed
  • On board Wi-Fi and available cellular modem option allows complete remote access
  • 24/7 factory phone support for technical assistance
  • Custom design allows a single day installation for most common applications
  • Custom application programs available upon request

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Our website offers clear photos of many specialty components, including rebuild kits for valves, pilot valves, and pumps, to help you identify the exact part you are looking for.

Order by credit card and save money on name brand components such as ABB and Danfoss variable speed drives, Allen-Bradley controls and starters, Phoenix Contact, Finder relays, Goulds pumps, Cla-Val, Valmatic, Sure-Flo, Badger Meter (Data Industrial) and many more. We also stock a versatile line of retro-fit pump control panels to fit any station, VFD or fixed-speed. Whether you maintain your own equipment, or you contract maintenance to a local service company, keeping parts on hand saves on high off-the-truck prices and reduces labor charges from additional trips.

Best of all, our knowledgeable parts sales and service team can help with equipment application, and answer your questions about replacements for obsolete parts for many different brands of pump stations.

Don’t see it on our website, or need an unusual or unique piece of equipment? Call us, and we will research it for you.

Established service contractors are invited to call us at 800-414-0677 to establish a commercial account.

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