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Working together to provide intelligent pumping solutions.

400 years+

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Providing pumping systems and automated controls for golf courses and turf irrigation, municipal water and sewer, biogas, agricultural, and industrial markets.

A Little History

The roots of ProPump & Controls, Inc. go back to the beginnings of the first prefabricated pumping stations for golf course in the 1970s.  Several manufacturers of irrigation stations emerged from that period, among them Pumping Systems, Inc. (PSI) of Dallas, Texas, followed later by Commercial Pump of Swanton, Ohio.  Both of these companies built custom products and prided themselves on strong customer service.  Pumping Systems, Inc developed the first national network of sales and service representatives in the US, third party service contractors wholly dedicated to selling and servicing PSI equipment.  Flowtronex International of Tyler, Texas came on the scene in the mid-1980’s, building on its experience in the oil and gas industry to introduce the first successful VFD control systems to the golf course irrigation industry.  Awareness that the key strength of PSI was its service network, Flowtronex followed suit developing its own service group, challenging PSI at its own game, with the added plus of new technology.  Flowtronex International eventually prevailed, purchasing Pumping Systems, Inc in 1993.  Overnight Flowtronex-PSI was established as the clear market leader in the business.  In 1996 Flowtronex acquired Commercial Pump to solidify its position in the Midwest.

In 1998 Flowtronex ventured into factory-owned service by purchasing Richard Embry Company, a longtime sales and service and service representative in the Southeast.  Renamed the Eastern Service Group, the newly created factory direct service group became Flowtronex PSI’s flagship service organization, setting service standards for service providers across the country.

Times and markets change, and Flowtronex PSI was eventually acquired by a Fortune 500 corporation who began divesting itself of its service assets to interested buyers and reduced its customer service capabilities.

ProPump Today

ProPump & Controls, now under private ownership, has maintained its core group of managers and technicians from the former Eastern Service Group employees in the Eastern US.  In May 2017, ProPump & Controls acquired Systematic Services, a pioneer in the industry operating for over 33 years in central and southern Florida.  With technicians from the Midwest down through Florida, the combined experience of our sales and field force is in excess of 400 years!  Our management is 100% committed to providing our customers with best-in-class service and products.

Our equipment uses highly technical automation to properly control water that is pumped throughout a variety of industries, including golf courses, sports fields, the timber industry and municipal drinking water. We also have a division that is on the cutting edge of the reusable energy industry (BioGas) in which we install systems that convert raw methane into usable natural gas for those interested in reducing the carbon footprint.

Whether your project involves routine maintenance or repair service, wet well and intake construction, a new variable speed pump station installation, or a linked network of pump stations in a county-wide systems, ProPump & Controls is ready to put its vast experience to work for you.

For more information, email us at info@propumpservice.com.  We would love to hear from you.