December, 2013

ProPump & Controls, Inc., providing installation and technical service for manufacturer Xylem-Flowtronex, and ValleyCrest Landscaping, completed the installation of a sophisticated 1500 GPM landscape pumping station for the National Park Service in Washington, DC. The new station, which was installed in large underground vault, provides irrigation for new turf on the newly renovated National Mall. Water supply for the station is run-off water from the surrounding area, collected in large underground concrete cisterns. Project designers were concerned from the beginning about using untreated water of questionable quality on the highly used Mall grounds. Pumped water passes through a bank of 25 micron filters, before being decontaminated by Wedeco ultraviolet treatment units. In the event the collected rainwater in the cisterns is depleted, a city water line automatically supplies water to fill the cisterns at a rate which matches the pump station discharge, in order to limit the use of potable water. Pump station design and consulting services were provided by Irrigation Consulting, Inc., of Pepperell, Mass.
The project hit a snag during construction late in the summer, when an overnight rainfall event dumped 6 inches on the local area, resulting in the flooding of the vault and the pump station. Due to the high cost of removing the station from the vault, it was determined that most economical way to repair the damaged equipment was to remove any electrical components which had been submerged or subjected to high humidity, and return them to Flowtronex for analysis and replacement or repair. All submerged wiring and conduit on the station had to be replaced. ProPump & Controls technicians Keith Owens, TJ Owens, Nick Spicer, Andrew Bartley, and Colen Smith provided labor and expertise necessary to remove, replace, re-assemble and re-wire all of the electrical components necessary for the complicated repair.