November, 2012

Scott Hoppe and his Atlanta team recently completed the addition of a new 700 GPM transfer pump system for the River Club in Atlanta. The new pump draws water from the Chattahoochee River for the course's irrigation supply. The system is unique in that it uses a 10 HP centrifugal pump to lift water 20' from the river to the pump location on golf course property. The 1180 RPM, 3656 series Goulds pump was selected for it's extremely low NPSHR requirement, which allows the pump to operate in the high lift application without cavitating. An automatic vacuum pump assures continuous prime. The ProPump installed SCADA system monitors the system's critical operating parameters-- suction line pressure, pump volute temperature, and system flow-- to detect problems such as a clogged intake or a closed valve, and will automatically shut the pump down to prevent damage. A built-in batch counter in the SCADA system tracks monthly flow and will shut down the pump to keep it from exceeding the course's monthly withdrawal allocation. The SCADA system allows also River Club Superintendent Rob Roy the ability to generate time and date stamped reports of water usage by all pumps in the system.