Jeff McGuire and Mike Nealy of ProPump & Controls are wrapping up a unique SCADA system for the Town of Surf City, North Carolina. Surf City will soon begin pumping treated sewage effluent to several lagoons in the area known as Juniper Swamp, approximately 10 miles west of town. The effluent will be sprayed out over several hundred acres of pine forest, and will be able to meet much of the Town's disposal needs for years to come. ProPump & Controls technicians interfaced with the existing SCADA system at the Surf City Water Treatment Plant and set up a telemetry system to control 2 - 200 HP pumps at the Juniper Swamp pumping system, along with numerous large solenoid control valves spread throughout the spray fields. Solar powered control panels were provided to power and operate each valve, and monitor valve status. Additional work included setting up a new SCADA terminal at the Town's waste water treatment plant, to provide system control from the plant, as well as to monitor pumps and processes within the plant.
Keith Owens is heading up a ProPump & Controls team charged with commissioning a Flowtronex irrigation pump station on a unique rainwater collection project in downtown Washington, DC The project is designed to provide up to 3,000 GPM for a new irrigation system for the National Mall. The pump station is situated in a vault 20 feet underground of the Mall, and the system includes rainwater collection cisterns, VFD pump controls, high level filtration and ultra-violet equipment to sanitize irrigation water being pumped to the Mall turf areas, which receive an incredible amount of public traffic.
October 1,2012:
Gary Ford, formerly the Parts and Customer Service Manager for Flowtronex in Dallas, Texas, has joined ProPump & Controls as Inside Sales Manager. Gary and his wife Gloria, will relocate to Kentucky to work out of our Shelbyville office. With over 11 years of experience in the pumping systems and controls business at Flowtronex, Gary is known to customers across the country for his expertise and dedication to customer service.