September, 2012

Scott Hoppe and his Atlanta crew recently finished a combination pump system and SCADA project at the River Club in Suwannee, Georgia. Until recently, the River Club has been supplied with effluent for irrigation purposes from the local sewer authority. New regulations in effect for water use, however, threatened the reliability of the effluent water supply for the future, however. The River Club management determined that they would ensure their future water needs by developing a combination of surface and well water for their irrigation needs. ProPump & Controls installed a 2100 GPM main pumping station at one of several lakes on the course. Two new wells were drilled with pumps installed by ProPump, discharging to a large collection lake below the clubhouse adjacent to #18 fairway. ProPump also installed a 40 HP submersible transfer pump at the lake, with the ability to transfer 700 gpm to the main irrigation lake. ProPump designed and installed a SCADA system for the project, allowing superintendent Rob Roy to monitor and control the pumps and lake levels from his office. When he is off the property, Rob has continued access and control of the system form either a remote computer, or his smart phone.
The River Club recently signed another agreement with ProPump to install a 10 HP transfer pump, to move water from the nearby Chattahoochee River, to the collection lake on #18.