Control Panel Retrofits

Technology hasn't changed dramatically on pumps and motors in the last 20 years. Pump station controls are a different story. More than ever before, customers expect the smoother and more efficient operation of VFD control. They want to be able to remotely monitor their station from the office or home computer, or perhaps even from their smart phone. Being able to exchange data between the pump station and the irrigation central controller may be a requirement of others.
ProPump And Controls, Inc. can handle any of your retrofit needs, from upgrading an older relay logic system to a more modern PLC controller, to converting your fixed speed station to VFD, or to adding a remote monitoring package. We work with every major brand of equipment, and we use a variety of solutions, from Flowtronex package panels to more sophisticated SCADA monitoring systems which can control and monitor networks of hundreds of pumps stations, valves, tanks, deep wells, or categories of equipment.
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