Featured Projects

Optima KV Biogas Generation, Duplin County, NC. Ongoing in 2017.
ProPump & Controls is providing mechanical and SCADA system services for this project, which encompasses collection of methane gas from aerobic digesters on 5 separate hog farms. The collected gas is scrubbed, compressed, and transferred via pipeline to a Gas Upgrade Unit, which further cleans the gas and pumps it directly into a Piedmont Natural Gas transmission line at 960 PSI. Project completion is scheduled for late summer of 2017. Jeff McGuire is lead superintendent on the project.
Three Mile Canyon Farm, Boardman, Oregon 2016-?:
ProPump & Controls, Inc is providing consulting and PLC programming services to assist the irrigation managers in overhauling and modernizing multiple pumping stations at this 93,000 acre farm. When complete, a new main pump station drawing from the Columbia River, will have a capacity of over 250,000 GPM, to feed multiple booster stations on the farm. The project is expected to take several years. Richard Embry is lead on the project, with Mike Nealy providing PLC programming for an Allen Bradley Compactlogix control system. ProPump & Controls designed and built a simulator in its Myrtle Beach office to test the initial PLC program, which is designed to sequence and control up to 26 pumps, ranging in horsepower from 600 to 1500, while maintaining tight pressure control. The first stage of the project, the Boeing River circuit underwent testing in April and May of 2017.
Pine Valley Golf Club, Camden, NJ. November, 2016.
Working alongside parent company Leibold Irrigation, a ProPump & Controls team led by Jeff McGuire installed 500’ of 18” intake line and a new 3,000 GPM Watertronics pump station at Pine Valley. Additional work included installation of a new Watertronics booster pump station, PLC upgrade of a standby pump station, and installation of telemetry between a water tank and 2 deep wells for the Club’s potable water system. Irrigation consultant for the project was Dr. Michael Krones.
Duke Energy Brunswick Nuclear Plant, Southport, NC June-September, 2016:
A ProPump & Controls construction team headed by Jeff McGuire began an extensive project to replace all of the existing sewage lift stations and controls at this Duke Energy site. All of the excavation for the entire project is by vacuum extraction, to prevent any possible damage to numerous underground utilities on the site. Special precautions are being taken to avoid improper disposal of any soil or waste water which may have been contaminated by infiltration of radioactive Cobalt 60 isotopes into the disposal system.
Yeaman’s Hall Golf Club, Charleston, SC. May, 2016:
Assisted by a Leibold Irrigation excavating crew, ProPump & Controls completed the installation of a 1500 GPM MCI station, a 72” X 17’ wet well, and 160’ of 24” intake pipe at Yeaman’s Hall. The completed installation featured an automated city water valve controlled by a Hach TDS analyzer to dilute brackish water from the course’s lagoons during greens watering cycles. Richard Embry supervised wet well installation. Jeff McGuire and his crew from the Myrtle Beach office brought in the city water, installed the automatic valve, and set up the proportioning system.
MacGregor Downs Country Club, Cary, NC March 2015:
ProPump & Controls completed installation of a new Flowtronex vertical turbine pump station, including a new 72”, 18.5’ deep concrete wet well and 140’ of 24” intake pipe. To install the intake flume, ProPump & Controls employees set up a bank of 4- 8” siphons to lower the 60 acre lake 8’ . When the 8” siphons proved to be lowering the lake too slowly due to intermittent rain storms, the ProPump & Controls crew utilized the 24” HDPE pipe which had earlier been fused together for the main pump intake, as an additional siphon. The 24” pipe dropped the lake in less than 3 days, allowing the crew to complete the installation and begin refilling the lake in 2 days. See gallery for pictures of the wet well installation and siphon installation
Biltmore Forest Country Club, Asheville, NC, January 2015:
ProPump & Controls completed the installation of a new VFD replacement pump station with 1-7.5 HP PM pump, 1-30 HP jockey pump, and 3—60 HP main pumps at the Biltmore Forest Country Club, in Asheville, NC. Due to the difficulty of fitting a conventional pump station into the building, ProPump & Controls purchased major components individually, and fabricated intake and discharge manifolds which could disassembled, taken into the building through a conventional 36” door, and re-assembled. The old pump skid was strengthened and re-used. Control panel was by Flowtronex. The 30 HP and 60 HP pumps were Cornell “Y” series pumps, for a total system capacity of 1500 GPM at 130 PSI.
Town of Oak Island, NC.
ProPump & Controls, Inc. installed a waste water re-use system for the Town of Oak Island, NC. Project involved 4,000’ of 8” PVC pipe, two control valve stations, 9-gravel packed wells with custom control cabinet, and an infiltration pond. The completed installation provides an environmentally approved method of distributing 100% of the effluent from a recently constructed effluent plant on the Oak Island Golf Course. System controls were integrated into the Oak Island SCADA system for monitoring. Jeff McGuire with ProPump & Controls worked with Engineer Robert Gram to design the controls on the project. December, 2014
Greenbrier Country Club, Lexington, Ky. 2015
A 20 year old PSI flooded-suction pump station at Greenbrier Country Club in Lexington, Kentucky, was starving for water due to corrosion build-up inside of a steel supply pipe which was placed underneath the 20’ high dam when the course was constructed over 40 years ago. Greenbrier engaged irrigation consultant Tony Altum to replace the Club’s aging irrigation system, and the inadequacy of the existing pump station and restricted intake was the first problem Tony addressed. The dam was high enough, with enough stored water behind it, that it was subject to annual examination by Kentucky State Inspectors. Open cut construction to replace the original pipe wasn’t an attractive option. Tony Altum turned to ProPump & Controls to help solve the dilemma. A ProPump & Controls team installed a 12” fusion-weld HDPE pipe across the top of the dam and down the slope, in a basic siphon configuration, to connect to a new control panel and additional pumps. Traditional siphon systems are troublesome in that they are prone to collecting air at the high point in line. ProPump addressed this by installing a 2” air release valve, mounted on a standpipe at the top of the dam, and connected via a 1” line to an independent vacuum pump system inside the pump house. The pump station was upgraded with a new control panel, with a dedicated variable speed drive for a 30 HP jockey pump, and a shared VFD for 3-50 HP Cornell “Y” series main pumps. Capacity of the upgraded system is 1500 GPM @ 120 PSI. A ProPump & Controls, Inc. installed the 12” HDPE line and vacuum pump piping and controls, and supplied a new 50 HP pump and Flowtronex VFD control panel for the project. Mechanical and electrical work was sub-contracted to Thomas Pump & Control, of Bagdad, Ky.
Oaks Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma. October – November, 2014
ProPump & Controls team installed a Watertronics transfer pump station on the banks of Pole Creek in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The project involved installation of a 34’ deep silt collection wet well and a 38’ deep main pump wet well. Pump station consisted of 2—75 HP vertical turbine pumps, each pumping 400 GPM at 225 PSI, to supply the Club’s irrigation lake approximately 4 miles away. ProPump & Controls designed and built a custom monitoring system using cellular modems and Trihedral VT SCADA software. Richard Embry and Jeff McGuire spearheaded the installation crew.
Mediterra Golf Club, Naples, Florida. December, 2014:
A ProPump & Controls team led by Scott Hoppe installed a 4,000 GPM MCI brand vertical turbine, VFD pump station at Mediterra Golf Club in Naples, Florida. The pump station contained the following anti-corrosion measures: epoxy-coated piping and pump components, aluminum skid, stainless steel control panel with dedicated VFD’s for 4-75 HP pumps, stainless steel conduits and fasteners. To keep water supplied to the course during the week- long installation, ProPump & Controls furnished a portable 600 GPM automated pump station.
Ocean Club at Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. December, 2014.
A ProPump & Controls team lead by Lee Williams completed installation of a 2500 GPM VFD vertical turbine pump station at the Ocean Club Course at Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. Another pump station designed especially for corrosive, salt-air environments, the station featured fusion-bond epoxy-coated piping and pump components, aluminum skid and control panel, VAF 2000 series stainless steel filter, and stainless steel fasteners and non-corrosive conduits. Pumps included a 5 HP PM pump, 25 HP pump with dedicated VFD, and 3-75 HP pumps on a shared drive. Installation began on a Monday morning, and water was restored to the course Wednesday evening. Keith Owens assisted in startup of the station.