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Pump Station Maintenance

The reliable operation of an irrigation pump station is critical to successful turf grass management.

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Pump and Motor Repair

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment repair: mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical. You can trust us to have the experience and diagnostic tools necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, and to treat you fairly when expensive equipment must be replaced.

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Pump Monitoring and Remote Control

Do you have a need to remotely monitor or control your pump station or any other remote assets? Turn on deep well or transfer pumps? Monitor lake levels? Automatically send a signal to a neighboring treatment plant that reuse water needs to be sent your way? Generate water use reports to regulator agencies?

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Control Panel Retrofits

Technology hasn't changed dramatically on pumps and motors in the last 20 years. Pump station controls are a different story. More than ever before, customers expect the smoother and more efficient operation of VFD control.

Pump Station Parts

ProPump And Controls, Inc. announces www.pumpstationparts.com for Pump Station Operators and Service Contractors.

Technical Support

With our 240 years of accumulated knowledge and service experience, we provide technical and phone support to our regular customers that is quite simply the best in the business.

Featured Services

Pressure Tank Evaluations

The danger of a corroded tank under high pressure cannot be overemphasized. Every year, somewhere in the country, an old steel tank ruptures and bursts with catastrophic force. Pump motors are flooded, electrical equipment is ruined, pump house structures are damaged. And sometimes someone is killed.

Pump Laser Alignment

Frame-mount horizontal and horizontal split case pumps, where the shaft of the electric motor is connected to the shaft of the rotating element, or "wet end" of the assembly by means of a flexible coupling, are common in municipal pumping applications. They are occasionally seen on golf courses.