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ProPump And Controls, Inc. announces for Pump Station Operators and Service Contractors.

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ProPump SCADA Systems And Telemetry

The term "SCADA" is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are comprised of a master or central controller or monitor, and one or more "RTU's", or remote terminal units.

Pump Stations

An irrigation pump station is a major investment for any facility. Selecting the right equipment for your site, installing it properly, and maintaining it requires knowledge and capabilities which usually lie beyond the realm of experience of turf grass managers.

Vacuum Priming Systems for Suction Lift Stations

Where the costs for excavation and installing a wet well necessary for a vertical turbine pump application are prohibitive due to rock, steep terrain, or ponds with shallow profiles, many pump vendors promote submersible pumps mounted on sleds, to circumvent the high initial installation cost.

Refurbished And Used Equipment

We maintain an inventory of all types of pre-owned equipment, including complete pump stations, control valves, pumps, and motors.