ProPump and Controls, Inc.

ProPump & Controls, Inc. is the largest sales and service provider specializing in turf irrigation pump stations in the country. What many of our hundreds of turf customers don’t realize is the extent to which we work in other markets—municipal water and sewer, agricultural, and industrial. Our experiences and success in multiple markets allows us to bring creative solutions to all of our hundreds of customers.
Our capabilities
• Pump station design, sales, and installation for all major brands
• Equipment fabrication for custom applications, including HDPE and stainless steel piping
• Control system retrofits—VFD, fixed speed,
• Infrastructure installation and rehabilitation—deep wet wells, intake lines, elevated platforms in flood zones, wet or dry installations, modular pump houses, lift stations
• Routine scheduled service with a comprehensive PM checklist
• Emergency services: pump and motor service and repair; rebuild and adjustments of hydraulic control valves; diving and underwater camera inspections
• Self-contained automatic pump stations stocked for rental
• PLC programming for new projects and replacement of obsolete systems
• Wireless telemetry for remote control and monitoring—cellular, licensed and unlicensed radio systems; site surveys, troubleshooting
• SCADA systems with off-the-shelf, non-proprietary HMI software and name brand hardware—Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric “SCADAPack” controllers
Complete inventory and parts sales through our parts website:
Our website offers clear photos of many specialty components, including rebuild kits for valves, pilot valves, and pumps, to help you identify the exact part you are looking for.
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Is your club considering a new pump station? Here are a few thoughts for you:
Don’t Forget the Basics!
More and more customers are taking the advice of people like us, who live and breathe equipment, repairs, and maintenance. We believe in spending less on gadgets, and more on basic features which enhance the longevity of their pump stations. The added cost to up-size a VFD, add a mid-size jockey pump to complement the output of a pair of 75 HP pumps, or take some additional anti-corrosion measures, can add years to the life of specific components and increase overall system reliability.
Replacement pump station in Asheville,NC:1-7.5 HP PM pump on VFD, 1-30 HP Jockey pump on dedicated VFD, 3-60 HP main pumps on shared VFD. All VFD's up sized for longer life.
Wet Well Problems?
Problems with 40 year old wet wells are not going away—see accompanying photo—and our crews continue to take on new renovation challenges, helping our customers out of tough situations. A big mistake you don’t want to make is to install an expensive new pump station over a failing intake system. Visit our gallery to view some solutions to renovating problem wet wells.
One that did not stand the test of time! A 40 year old corrugated steel intake pipe, recently replaced by ProPump and Controls at MacGregor Downs CC, Cary NC.
Submersible Sled System vs. Suction Lift Stations
Where the costs for excavation and installing the necessary wet well for a vertical turbine pump application are prohibitive due to rock, steep terrain, or ponds with shallow profiles, many pump vendors promote submersible pumps mounted on sleds, to circumvent the high initial installation cost. Submersible sled systems are certainly cheap up front, but they can be a maintenance nightmare when a pump or motor problem occurs. At ProPump & Controls, we prefer to specify horizontal centrifugal pump stations with automatic vacuum pump systems to guarantee system prime. Carefully designed, these are extremely reliable systems which are easy to install, and much more economical to maintain than a submersible sled system.
One that did not stand the test of time! A 40 year old corrugated steel intake pipe, recently replaced by ProPump And Controls at MacGregor Downs CC, Cary NC.
Turbine Pump Station Installation Challenges
And for those customers who have the funds for the more difficult and expensive installations, and for whom nothing less than a vertical turbine systems will do, ProPump & Controls will tackle work that leaves others shaking their heads “No.” Check out our website for pictures of some of the more challenging installations we’ve done—safely, effectively, and built for decades of service.
Installing 18 Inch Line Inside Trench Box During Deep Excavation