Pump Laser Alignment

Frame-mount horizontal and horizontal split case pumps, where the shaft of the electric motor is connected to the shaft of the rotating element, or "wet end" of the assembly by means of a flexible coupling, are common in municipal pumping applications. They are occasionally seen on golf courses.
The efficiency and serviceability of these types of pumps are typically excellent. In particular, the beauty of the horizontal split case pump is that the rotating element of the pump is suspended from two points, rather than hanging off the end of pump shaft. Furthermore, the entire assembly can be removed for service or repair without disturbing pipe connections, a very nice feature on high capacity pumps.
The service life of frame mounted machines is only as good as the alignment of the pump to the motor. “Old hands” for years have set the motor-to-pump alignment using straight edges and dial indicators, but this is fast becoming a lost art, and there is no foolproof documentation to testify to the integrity of the craftsmanship. ProPump & Controls utilizes the latest laser-alignment instruments to “dial-in” the alignment of the machine to industry recommended standards. When the alignment is complete, we supply you with computer print-outs of the alignment in all planes, your assurance of a smooth-running pump.
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