Pump Monitoring And Remote Control

Do you have a need to remotely monitor or control your pump station or any other remote assets? Turn on deep well or transfer pumps? Monitor lake levels? Automatically send a signal to a neighboring treatment plant that reuse water needs to be sent your way? Generate water use reports to regulator agencies? ProPump And Controls has a SCADA division which can offer a variety of unique solutions to your monitoring, data logging, or remote control needs. We work with multiple types of controllers and interfaces using a variety of communications protocols - Allen Bradley, Control Microsystems, Omron, Automation Direct, and more.
We are experienced with all types of telemetry solutions - Ethernet and serial radios, unlicensed spread spectrum, licensed UHF and VHF systems, fiber optic systems, telephone modem systems. Unlike others who are quick to sell you a radio system, and then cross their fingers and hope that it will work, ProPump And Controls designers tackle challenging sites with sophisticated computer path analysis software and spectrum analyzers like the Anritsu S332, before we give you a quote on your project. Not only does that spare you the unpleasant surprise of cost overruns, you can be confident that your new telemetry system will provide reliable communications in any season and any weather.
If your existing system stops communicating, we utilized radio diagnostic software plus our Anritsu Site Master line sweeping equipment to test and document every component in the system - transmitters, lighting arrestors, antenna cables and couplers, and antennas. No need to guess which part to swap next - call ProPump and Controls and let them take the mystery out of troubleshooting radio systems for you.
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ProPump is a licensed general contractor in the following states:
North Carolina (#72237)
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Virginia (#2705146267)
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