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Pump Station Consulting And Evaluation Service

Not sure whether it's time to upgrade or replace your existing pump station? Performing "due diligence" on the purchase of a new golf property? Or do you just need a quick evaluation to update your Club's insurance policy?
ProPump And Controls, Inc. provides consulting services to help you or your client make important decisions. Drawing from our experience with thousands of pump station installations, we can provide accurate cost estimates for repair, rehabilitation, or replacement. Unlike a factory sales rep whose livelihood depends upon selling new equipment, ProPump And Controls works with equipment both old and new. And because we pride ourselves on top notch maintenance practices, we know better than anyone that the life cycle of a well designed and properly maintained pump station can be much longer than a hungry sale person would have you believe. On the other hand, we also know when it's time to cut your losses and move forward.
ProPump can assess the condition of your station, plus your pump house, electrical service, and your intake system. We will highlight any potentially dangerous safety conditions. If you require a formal report, we substantiate our recommendations with recorded operation data - motor current draws, rated pump capacities versus actual flow and pressure, vibration readings, meg-ohm checks, turbine pump shaft run-outs. Using robotic cameras, we furnish video recordings of the interior walls of flume pipes. We can test the integrity of pressure vessels using non-destructive, ultrasonic testing.
For an evaluation which you can literally "take to the bank," call your nearest ProPump And Controls office.