Turf irrigation pump stations commonly use equipment requiring 240 volt and 480 electricity. Work on these systems, especially when energized, can only be performed legally by a qualified person. If you have to ask what determines whether a person is qualified or not, then you are definitely not qualified yourself. Industrial firms and municipally utilities are for the most part up to speed and in compliance with safety regulations and laws concerning electrical safety. By and large, the turf irrigation industry is not.
Each year, over 400 people die in the United States from electrical accidents. Electrocution, which results from physical contact with an electrical source, is only one cause. Most people do not realize that a person can also be seriously injured or killed without actually touching anything. Electric arc flash takes place when air ionizes between two conductors, creating an explosive short circuit, which vaporizes metal components at temperatures as high as 35,000 degrees F. The accompanying arc blast can literally throw people across rooms. Qualified electrical workers have been trained to understand arc flash, they know the necessary precautions to take, and they are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment to protect themselves—and others--from injury.
Besides electrical concerns, there are other hazards around pump stations which require constant attention—stored energy from pressurized devices, hazards of rotating machinery, and adverse conditions ranging from wet, slippery floors to uncovered wet wells.
ProPump & Controls technicians are all trained, qualified and equipped to work on your pump station equipment. Not only do we utilize safe working practices to protect ourselves, we know how to protect you and your employees when we are together at your site. ProPump technicians will bring to your attention any unsafe conditions, which need to be corrected. We will help you escalate these problems to the attention of your management and owners, if you feel that you are not being given the necessary resources to address them.
Ignorance and a casual attitude towards safe working practices put you and your employees at risk of serious physical injury, besides exposing your employer to possible legal action, fines, and expensive lawsuits.
If you have a safety question about your pump station, talk to your ProPump technician next time he is onsite. Call us today if you have a more immediate concern that you would like to discuss. We would be happy to talk to you. In the meantime, let’s all be careful out there.
Finger Injury -
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