ProPump SCADA Systems And Telemetry

The term "SCADA" is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are comprised of a master or central controller or monitor, and one or more "RTU's", or remote terminal units. Some means of telemetry is used to convey data back and forth between the Central Controller and the RTU's. SCADA systems are ideal for control and/or monitoring of remote assets, such as pump stations, well pumps, automatic valves, water towers, or reservoirs. The monitored assets can be located on the same property, spread out across a county, or even across the whole country. SCADA systems are efficient tools for generating records of data such as water flows over a weir, or discharges from well pumps or sewage treatment plants. Accurate reports of any of these activities are commonly required by regulatory agencies. SCADA systems provide water, sewer gas, and electric utilities around the world with the means to do this. Another powerful feature of any good SCADA system is a "Historian", a tool which gives a system operator the ability to compile and overlay graphs of monitored performance. Identifying and troubleshooting problems in a widespread system is greatly facilitated with this function.
The SCADA division of ProPump and Controls had been engaged in the application, design, sales, installation, and service of SCADA and radio telemetry system since 2004. Our expertise in automated pumping systems sets us apart when it comes to designing the right SCADA system for your pumping assets.
ProPump and Controls covers a 12-state area with diverse terrain which includes the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, hardwood forests and dense pine thickets, and other challenging environments. We are experts at utilizing sophisticated spectrum analyzers.
We believe in open protocols and non-proprietary hardware and we work with a wide variety of off-the-shelf hardware and software. Our PLC programming, software development, component selection and panel design are all done in-house, by employees with years of experience. When we complete a project, we turn over all programming code and software licenses to our client, so no one is "locked in" to us for future additions, modifications, or upgrades to the system. We rely on our skill, and our ability to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service as our best means to secure repeat business.
Many smaller utilities believe that custom SCADA systems are prohibitively expensive, and opt for some type of configurable, cellular-based economy system where data is hosted on the internet. However, many of our clients with extensive SCADA systems began with a central controller monitoring just a few key equipment assets. Additional sites were added as funds became available. User often began adding additional features as the system proves it's worth over and over again. It is important to give careful thought to the purchase of the initial system, so that your ability to expand your system and better manage equipment assets isn't constrained by the limitations of the first equipment purchase. A well-designed system with open protocol and non-proprietary hardware is the best way to prevent "outgrowing" your SCADA system, or being stuck with an obsolete product if the original manufacturer stops supporting his proprietary equipment.
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