Pump Station Sales & Installation

An irrigation pump station is a major investment for any facility. Selecting the right equipment for your site, installing it properly, and maintaining it requires knowledge and capabilities which usually lie beyond the realm of experience of turf grass managers. More and more customers are taking the advice of people like us, who live and breathe equipment, repairs, and maintenance. We believe in spending less on gadgets, and more on basic features which enhance the longevity of their pump stations. The added cost to up-size a VFD, add a mid-size jockey pump to complement the output of a pair of 75 HP pumps, or take some additional anti-corrosion measures, can add years to the life of specific components and increase overall system reliability.

Pump Station Maintenance & Service

The reliable operation of an irrigation pump station is critical to successful turf grass management. While many golf courses have formally trained mechanics and comprehensive in-house maintenance programs for mowers and other equipment, the irrigation pump station presents a bigger challenge. First and foremost, pump station maintenance requires experience with 3 phase electrical systems, and very few golf courses have personnel who are qualified to work safely and legally on 240 volt and 480 volt electrical equipment. Pumping systems have become increasingly complex, and effective service requires specialized expertise from factory-trained technicians to assure optimum efficiency.

Repair to Split Case Pump

Pump Station Consulting & Evaluation

ProPump & Controls provides consulting services to help you, or your client make important decisions. Drawing from our experience with thousands of pump station installations, we can provide accurate cost estimates for repair, rehabilitation, or replacement. Unlike a factory sales rep whose livelihood depends upon selling new equipment, ProPump & Controls works with equipment both old and new. And because we pride ourselves on top notch maintenance practices, we know better than anyone that the life cycle of a well-designed and properly maintained pump station can be much longer than a hungry sale person would have you believe. On the other hand, we also know when it’s time to cut your losses and move forward.

Built in Place Pump Station

Pump Station Parts

Our website offers clear photos of many specialty components, including rebuild kits for valves, pilot valves, and pumps, to help you identify the exact part you are looking for.

Order by credit card and save money on name brand components such as ABB and Danfoss variable speed drives, Allen-Bradley controls and starters, Phoenix Contact, Finder relays, Goulds pumps, Cla-Val, Valmatic, Sure-Flo, Badger Meter (Data Industrial) and many more. We also stock a versatile line of retro-fit pump control panels to fit any station, VFD or fixed-speed. Whether you maintain your own equipment, or you contract maintenance to a local service company, keeping parts on hand saves on high off-the-truck prices and reduces labor charges from additional trips.

Control Panels & Retrofits

Technology hasn’t changed dramatically on pumps and motors in the last 20 years. Pump station controls are a different story. More than ever before, customers expect the smoother and more efficient operation of VFD control. They want to be able to remotely monitor their station from the office or home computer, or perhaps even from their smart phone. Being able to exchange data between the pump station and the irrigation central controller may be a requirement of others.

ProPump & Controls, Inc. can handle any of your retrofit needs, from upgrading an older relay logic system to a more modern PLC controller, to converting your fixed speed station to VFD, or to adding a remote monitoring package. We work with every major brand of equipment, and we use a variety of solutions, from Flowtronex package panels to more sophisticated SCADA monitoring systems which can control and monitor networks of hundreds of pumps stations, valves, tanks, deep wells, or categories of equipment.

Wet Well Installations & Rehabilitations

The proper design and installation of the wet well, flume line, and strainer system is just as important to the operation of a vertical turbine pump station, as the pump station itself. Undersized flume lines, poorly sealed pipe connections, intakes set too deep in sediment, or set too high to allow proper pump submergence at low water levels are common problems that can severely limit the operation of a station, accelerate wear on pumps, and even render it unusable.

ProPump & Controls has years of experience in all types of difficult pumping applications. We can advise you on the best approach to your particular water supply and pumping needs, which may impact pump station design as well as intake design. We can provide installation drawings, we can supervise a preferred local contractor, or if the installation is particularly challenging, we can perform the entire installation for you.

Slip Lining with added Access

SCADA Systems & Remote Monitoring

The SCADA division of ProPump and Controls had been engaged in the application, design, sales, installation, and service of SCADA and radio telemetry system since 2004. Our expertise in automated pumping systems sets us apart when it comes to designing the right SCADA system for your pumping assets.

ProPump and Controls covers a 12-state area with diverse terrain which includes the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, hardwood forests and dense pine thickets, and other challenging environments. We are experts at utilizing sophisticated spectrum analyzers.

We believe in open protocols and non-proprietary hardware and we work with a wide variety of off-the-shelf hardware and software. Our PLC programming, software development, component selection and panel design are all done in-house, by employees with years of experience. When we complete a project, we turn over all programming code and software licenses to our client, so no one is “locked in” to us for future additions, modifications, or upgrades to the system. We rely on our skill, and our ability to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service as our best means to secure repeat business.

BioGas Systems

ProPump & Controls, Inc. entered the biogas industry in 2013 as a contractor working in partnership with Cavanaugh Engineering, an early pioneer in the engineering and design of biogas systems in the Carolinas.  Cavanaugh recognized the value proposition offered by ProPump & Controls, with our in-house proficiency in layout and general construction, underground and above ground pipe work, electrical design, and SCADA integration. Since our initial venture, we have continued our work with Cavanaugh to construct several state-of-the-facilities which have attracted national attention for design and quality workmanship.

ProPump & Controls crews are OSHA trained and safety certified by ISNetworld, to ensure a safe work environment at your facility.

Water Feature Pumps

ProPump & Controls has years of experience in pumping water from all types of water sources—streams, lakes, rivers, and small holding ponds. While we do not design water features themselves, ProPump & Controls is your best resource for selecting the best type of water feature pump for your project, based on the desired flow, the width, length and elevation change of the landscape water feature, and type of water source or holding pond.  We can provide variable speed controls to allow you to adjust flow rates with your cellphone.

Pipe Fitting & Fabrication

Our team members include experienced welders and pipefitters who specialize in all facets of pump work, working with various types of pipes and fittings, intake screens for lakes and streams, etc., racks for outdoor electrical panels and more.

We can provide you with shop-built assemblies fabricated to precise dimensions or dispatch a field crew for demanding work on site, custom Z-pipes, or underground piping. If you need help connecting your pump system to a water source or to a distribution system, give ProPump & Controls a call.  We can get the job done!

ProPump & Controls crews are OSHA trained and safety certified by ISNetworld to ensure a safe work environment at your facility.

Self Cleaning Water Intake Screen

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