BioGas Systems

Biogas, also known as “RNG”, or “Renewable Natural Gas” is composed of mostly methane, (CH4) the organic compound which constitutes natural gas.  Biogas is a 100% natural product, produced when anerobic bacteria eat and break down, or digest, biomass and produce biogas.  Biogas in the United States is collected from landfills, sewage treatment lagoons, wastewater from animal processing facilities, or manure storage lagoons on hog, chicken, or dairy farms.  With a relative low level of conditioning, raw biogas can be filtered, dried, and compressed to power microturbines to generate electricity. Processed in a state-of-the-art biogas facility, the purity of refined biogas equals or exceeds that of natural gas and can be pumped directly into nation’s gas transmission pipelines. Hydrogen sulfide gas is removed from raw biogas to eliminate environmentally harmful emissions.   Capturing raw methane gas and converting it into clean useful energy instead of letting it gas off into the atmosphere or wasting gas by burning it in a flare is an environmental “win-win.”

ProPump & Controls, Inc. entered the biogas industry in 2013 as a contractor working in partnership with Cavanaugh Engineering, an early pioneer in the engineering and design of biogas systems in the Carolinas.  Cavanaugh recognized the value proposition offered by ProPump & Controls, with our in-house proficiency in layout and general construction, underground and above ground pipe work, electrical design, and SCADA integration. Since our initial venture, we have continued our work with Cavanaugh to construct several state-of-the-facilities which have attracted national attention for design and quality workmanship.

ProPump & Controls crews are OSHA trained and safety certified by ISNetworld, to ensure a safe work environment at your facility.