Control Panels & Retrofits

Irrigation System Control Panel

Technology hasn’t changed dramatically on pump and electric motors in the last 30 years.  Pump station controls are a different story.  More than ever before, customers expect the smooth and efficient operation of VFD control.  Communications—monitoring, remote control, and interfacing with irrigation computer programs—have become common requirements.   Fast and reliable accessibility through cell phones has been a game changer.

ProPump & Controls can handle any of your retrofit needs, from upgrading an older relay logic system to a powerful modern PLC controller, to converting your fixed speed or first generation VFD control system to the latest control platform with communications capabilities.

ProPump & Controls works with leading brands of pump control equipment.  We use a variety of solutions, from MCI-Flowtronex and Watertronics package panels to sophisticated SCADA systems capable of controlling and monitoring networks of hundreds of pump stations, valves, tanks, deep wells, or remote flow meters.  For our customers with limited budgets, we can supply our versatile new Osprey controller integrated into a complete control package at eye opening prices.