Pump Station Maintenance & Service

The reliable operation of an irrigation pump station is critical to successful turf grass management. While many golf courses have formally trained mechanics and comprehensive in-house pump station maintenance and service programs for mowers and other equipment, the irrigation pump station presents a bigger challenge. First and foremost, pump station maintenance requires experience with 3 phase electrical systems, and very few golf courses have personnel who are qualified to work safely and legally on 240 volt and 480 volt electrical equipment. Pumping systems have become increasingly complex, and effective service requires specialized expertise from factory-trained technicians to assure optimum efficiency.

Professional pump station preventive maintenance has multiple benefits:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower operating cost
  • Reduces cost of unscheduled emergency service calls
  • Smoother sequencing and tighter pressure control reduce stress on field pipe
  • Greater peak performance
  • Trending component wear allows budgeting for major component replacement

Our technicians use a checklist of over 200 items to thoroughly examine the operating status of virtually every component on the pump station:

  • Voltage and load tests
  • Pump performance analysis
  • Electrical component inspections.
  • Control logic testing and calibration
  • Motor winding integrity checks
  • Vibration checks on pumps and motors
  • Verification of all safety functions
  • Assessment of pump station & pump house conditions for personnel safety and equipment life.

Included in our periodic pump station maintenance service are:

  • Lubrication of motor bearings
  • Change oil in turbine motors
  • Re-packing pumps, as required
  • Inspect and rebuild Cla-Vals, as required
  • Underwater camera inspections of pump screens and wet well, as required

At the end of preventive maintenance service, the ProPump & Controls technician will review and explain his findings with the system operator. Our records are kept on file, and we will follow up on any serious operation discrepancies or unsafe conditions requiring further action.

If you haven’t been using a professional maintenance program, contact us today for more information.