Pump Station Sales & Installation

Design, Sales & Installation of MCI-Flowtronex and Watertronics Pumping Stations

An irrigation pump station is a major investment for any facility. Selecting the right equipment for your site, installing it properly, and maintaining it requires knowledge and capabilities which usually lie beyond the realm of experience of turf grass managers. More and more customers are taking the advice of people like us, who live and breathe equipment, repairs, and maintenance. We believe in spending less on gadgets, and more on basic features which enhance the longevity of their pump stations. The added cost to up-size a VFD, add a mid-size jockey pump to complement the output of a pair of 75 HP pumps, or take some additional anti-corrosion measures, can add years to the life of specific components and increase overall system reliability.

ProPump & Controls, Inc. maintains excellent relations with the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our experiences with each company’s product lines allows us to provide independent guidance in selecting the best product for your application. If your organization requires competitive bids for large purchases, we level the playing field for you by requesting proposals from all bidders based on a single set of specifications defining your needs. We verify that each bid complies with the bid request, insisting that bidders correct any deficiencies before submitting them for your review. We highlight on each bid any value-added items which go above-and-beyond the base bid, as well as point out areas where a bidder’s best offering falls just short of the mark. You are relieved of having to sort through confusing sales terminology and pitches for proprietary gimmicks, and you can be confident that the bids you are comparing are truly “apples-to-apples.”

Pump Station Installation