Wet Well Installations & Rehabilitations

The proper design and installation of the wet well, flume line, and strainer system is just as important to the operation of a vertical turbine pump station, as the pump station itself. Undersized flume lines, poorly sealed pipe connections, intakes set too deep in sediment, or set too high to allow proper pump submergence at low water levels are common problems that can severely limit the operation of a station, accelerate wear on pumps, and even render it unusable.

Few golf courses can afford consulting engineering firms to design intake systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is the accepted norm for municipalities and industrial concerns. Yet trying to cut corners, by choosing the cheapest materials, or entrusting the job to and inexperienced excavating contractor, can be a road to disaster.

ProPump & Controls has years of experience in all types of difficult pumping applications. We can advise you on the best approach to your particular water supply and pumping needs, which may impact pump station design as well as intake design. We can provide installation drawings, we can supervise a preferred local contractor, or if the installation is particularly challenging, we can perform the entire installation for you.

ProPump & Controls also provides a rehabilitation service for deteriorating wet wells on existing courses. We begin by using a combination of divers and robotic cameras to ascertain the exact condition of the wet well, flume line, and strainer system. If slip-lining is recommended, we use state-of-the-art techniques to reline and seal both the vertical stack and the flume line with long-lasting high density polyethylene. The rehabilitated system will outlast the original system many times over.

If you need a new wet well or intake, or you are having problems with an existing system, make ProPump & Controls your first phone call!